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    西安力信倉儲設備有限公司創建于2005年,是致力于現代化立體倉庫的規劃設計和各式貨架、工位器具、車間圍欄、不銹鋼制品及周邊搬運、輸送設備等配套產品的研究開發、設計生產、安裝調試和售后維護為一體的智能現代化企業。先后被評為:陜西省物流與采購協會會員單位、重質量守信譽先進單位、機械工程學會物料搬運協會會員單位等。生產基地占地面積35000㎡,員工189名,擁有3個大型生產車間和一個技術研發中心。產品質量嚴格按照ISO9001:2000 GB/T 19001-2000質量體系標準執行。隨著企業的大力發展和客戶對產品需求的多元化,相繼斥資建立了塑料制品車間和木制品車間,為客戶提供塑料托盤、周轉箱、周轉筐和木托盤及包裝箱等產品,并于2011年組建了叉車銷售與售后服務事業部,為您的企業一站式全方位解決各種物料存儲和搬運難題,最終實現合理的物料輸送及倉儲自動化。


    Founded in 2005, Xi'an Lixin storage equipment Co., Ltd. is an intelligent modern enterprise specializing in the planning and design of modern three-dimensional warehouse, and the research and development, design and production, installation and debugging, and after-sales maintenance of various shelves, work position appliances, workshop fences, stainless steel products, peripheral handling and conveying equipment and other supporting products. Has been awarded: Shaanxi Province logistics and Purchasing Association member units, quality and reputation of advanced units, mechanical engineering society material handling Association member units. The production base covers an area of 35000 square meters, with 189 employees, three large-scale production workshops and a technology research and development center. The product quality is in strict accordance with ISO9001:2000 GB / T 19001-2000 quality system standard. With the vigorous development of the enterprise and the diversification of customers' demand for products, we have successively established plastic products workshops and wood products workshops to provide customers with plastic pallets, turnover boxes, turnover baskets, wooden pallets and packaging boxes. In 2011, we established forklift sales and after-sales service division to solve all kinds of material storage and handling problems for your enterprise, Finally, the reasonable material transportation and storage automation can be realized.

    For more than ten years, Lixin has always adhered to the principle of "creating excellent product quality" as the foundation of survival and "acting in good faith" as the way of development. With the development concept of "building a warehouse, building a monument", we have worked hard in the storage equipment industry. Our products have been widely used in many industries, such as electric power, post, chemical industry, logistics, food, communication, medicine, military industry, energy, electronics, foundry, etc. so far, we have implemented the upgrading and construction of three-dimensional warehouse storage equipment for thousands of enterprises and institutions all over the country Cheng, and received praise! At the same time, we also sincerely thank the new and old users for their strong support and trust. We will continue to carry forward the spirit of "pragmatic, innovative, pioneering and enterprising", and work hand in hand with your enterprise to create a brilliant tomorrow!